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Astrology for Beginners

4 part in-person lecture series
$100 / person    limited seating
Thursdays     7:00pm - 8:30pm   

Feb 23    Mar 2    Mar 9    Mar 16

Nanaquaket Yoga Studio
2490 Main Rd, Tiverton, RI

In this introductory-level class, I teach astrology the way I wish I'd learned it. My goal is to demystify the Birth Chart for beginner Astrology students. You'll learn the basic astronomy underlying the art of Astrology, gain insights into how practicing astrologers work with a chart and discover the archetypal language of the stars walking with you in this lifetime. Students will come away from this series with the core skills and concepts crucial to cultivating a nuanced, holistic and embodied relationship with the divine celestial energies that permeate our earthly worlds.

Class 1: Mapping the Sky

What is astrology? What does the timing of our birth within the cycles of day & night across seasons of the year have to say about our earthly lives?

Ever felt overwhelmed looking at your Birth Chart? My approach to teaching astrology breaks down core astronomy principles step by step to instill a solid understanding of the Birth Chart as an intuitive-to-read map of the sky. In the first class, we'll cover:

  • a brief history of Western Astrology


  • the anatomy of a Birth Chart


  • the astronomy behind Astrology

Example charts provide students the chance to put new skills + info to use in class. Weather allowing, we’ll head outside to see a chart come to life in the heavens above!

Class 2: Sect Makers + Breakers

What does it mean to have a Planet in a certain Zodiac Sign? How does being born during the day or at night impact your astrology?

In Class 2, I'll introduce the class to the a simple yet highly effective key to interpreting Birth Charts: identifying Day vs. Night births. Class 2 topics include:

  • the Doctrine of Sect

  • intro to Planetary Rulerships

  • the Sun + Leo

  • the Moon + Cancer

  • Mercury, Virgo + Gemini

Studying Zodiac Signs in relation to the seasons and Planetary Rulerships takes us beyond basic memorization of generic astrology keywords to root our practice in nature, ancient myth + interconnection.

Class 3: Malefics + Benefics

How can I identify the planets in my Birth Chart that are here to guide my life with benevolent wisdom? Which planets show me where challenges lie ahead?

In Class 3, we'll build on our understanding of the Doctrine of Sect by introducing the technique used by astrologers for millennia for identifying the most helpful + the most challenging planets in a Birth Chart. Topics covered in Class 3 include:

  • intro to Sect Benefics + Malefics

  • Venus, Taurus + Libra

  • Mars, Aries + Scorpio

  • Jupiter, Sagittarius + Pisces

  • Saturn, Capricorn + Aquarius

Time permitting, students will be asked to share + interpret their own charts during class!

Class 4: Houses + Aspects

How do the 12 Houses of Astrology ground the astral into my own lived experiences? How does the Birth Chart describe which areas of my life will be focal points?

We conclude our studies by exploring how Houses add a unique specificity to each Birth Chart. We'll also cover how Planets "talk" to each other via Aspects. Class 4 subjects include:

  • intro to Whole Sign Houses

  • the topics of the 12 Houses

  • Zodiac Signs, Planets + Houses

  • the 5 Aspects of Astrology

  • reading the Natal Chart

The final focus of the class will be on bringing all the skills + techniques we've learned together. I will lay out my check list for assessing a Birth Chart using volunteered student charts for us to practice on.

Students can ask questions, share ideas and discuss homework assignments in class, via email or in our private Facebook group.

Optional journal prompts + homework assignments assigned weekly at the end of each class.

Slides from class and suggestions for additional reading and research will be provided to students via email.

In addition, I will offer a FREE 2 hour open office hours session via Zoom for students to ask additional follow up questions about your specific charts!

(Date TBD)

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