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The archetypal wisdom of the Tarot constellates your present spiritual and emotional location, illuminating forking paths forward and behind. Together with the help of the cards, we'll explore the architecture of your current situation, breaking down the scaffolding to get at a foundation you can use to build on in the coming weeks and months. This quick session is best if you can precisely identify what you'd like to address during our time so we can get right down to business. We'll have time to cover one topic or question. Our reading will take place live over Zoom.

Tarot Sessions

Receive channeled support from your guides via the Tarot. Sessions available in-person or over Zoom!

The Tarot is a handy tool for collapsing past and future timelines and grounding them into the present. This gives us the unique opportunity to step outside our more mundane daily experience of time, and offers us the chance to disrupt those timelines in subtle and profound ways.  When you step into an oracular space, you open yourself up to the extraordinary possibility of receiving guidance and wisdom from the part of your consciousness connected in with the divine, what I like to call "The Witnesser". During this longer session, I will translate the benevolently ambivalent messages the cards present in regards to your current trajectory, offering you the gift of foresight to change course -- if you have a strong desire and the stomach for it. We'll have time to discuss your situation in depth and cover up to two topics or questions. Our reading will take place live over Zoom. 

Ask me a direct, specific question and I’ll send you a photo of the 3 cards I pulled for you along with a written interpretation of the guidance or answer I received. Write ups will be sent via email within five days of your initial booking.

Question examples: Should I continue seeing the person I started dating a month ago? Should I take the new position I was offered or stay at my current job? What steps can I take to repair my relationship with my sibling? How do I move through the creative block I'm experiencing in my artist practice?

In this 75 minute session, we’ll discuss in depth themes for each month of your upcoming year. We’ll also pull cards for each of the four elements as they pertain to various aspects of your life. To close out the reading we’ll pull one card to sum up the overarching energetic you’ll be tasked to work with over the coming weeks and months. 

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"Meeting Emily was a divine blessing. From day one, it was clear that Emily had an incredible talent when it came to Tarot and Astrology readings — a true master of her craft. 


Emily uses tarot and astrology to help me make sense of timing and events in my life, bringing me a deeper sense of clarity, peace, and understanding. She's friendly, compassionate and an overall ray of light. Whether you're feeling lost, or just want to see what may lie ahead for you, you’ve come to the right place."   

- Lara

Tarot Pop-Up Events

Looking to book a skilled + experienced Tarot Reader for your next event of 6 or more people? Fill out my Contact Form with your event details and I'll get back to you with my availability and pricing!

No upcoming events at the moment
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