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"For me art, astrology and ritual magic are ongoing devotional explorations around what it means to be in loving, curious relationship with the Self and the Other.  They have a serious playfulness in common."
-Emily Noelle

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"As a practicing astrologer and astro-magician, I seek to bridge the gap between wayward mortals and the celestial ancestors that guide us with the assistance of plant allies." 
- Emily Noelle

Collect rose petals under the light of the full moon, sip tea on a beach and sing the praises of Venus with me!

Friday        June 2nd       6:45pm


Embodying Venus with
Beach Rose

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 9.51.00 PM.png

Let the wisdom of the stars light your path along this ever-unfolding life's journey.


Tap into the divine celestial rhythms of birth + death unfolding in your own lifetime through a poetic weaving of myth, ancient astrological techniques + modern psychological frameworks.

"Emily's passion for astrology is clear the second you walk through her door as she welcomes you with positive and calming energy. She is extremely knowledgeable and her explanations are very in depth, helpful and personal. Emily is truly gifted and I recommend her to anyone! Most accurate and meaningful readings I have ever had!"  - Kayleigh


Emily Noelle is initiating conversations with Divine Mystery through embodied ritual + devotional art making.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

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