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  • Immerse your senses and attune your spirit body to the nurturing, nourishing frequencies of the Mother Goddess.


    By ingesting, smelling and soaking in lunar plants, we can attune our own phyiscal and metaphysical incarnation to the energetic body of Luna. The virtues of the Moon -- including radical self- and community-care, nourishment, emotional regulation, and the fierce, unwavering devotion and protection of the mother bear -- have been ritually imbued into every Luna in Taurus product.


    These Luna in Taurus Bath Soak and Incense blends were formulated with some of my favorite lunar plants and blessed in an exalted Moon in Taurus ritual, making them a magical addition to your self care routine and devotional practice.

    Luna in Taurus


    I recommend working with Luna materia for folks who live with a disregulated nervous system due to past trauma or neglect, or who are engaged in inner-child reparenting work as a magical means of helping to move stuck emotions with gentleness, compassion and without judgement.


    Proceed with caution -- increasing your capacity to sit with difficult emotions may bring up old wounding that you've been avoiding. I suggest using this materia to call in a solid support system to help you navigate such side effects. We heal in relationships and no one should have to do this work alone.


    These Luna in Taurus Bath Soak and Incense blends were blessed in a lunar ritual when the waxing Moon was auspiciously positioned in its sign of exaltation on the Ascendant while conjoining Venus, the benefic ruling planet of Taurus. 


    During the ritual, I asked the Spirit of Luna to bless these offerings such that they might assist folks with building embodied relationships with our cosmic Mother Moon. 


    As ritually consecrated magical materia, they are also appropriate for offerings and  assistance with petitions to the Moon in your own devotional practice.


    Enhance your lunar workings by timing them for Mondays during the Moon's hour. Each order also includes a hand written copy of the Orphic Hymn to Selene for you to recite if you feel so inclined :)

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