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  • Immerse your senses and attune your spirit body to the frequencies of the trickster god Hermes.


    By ingesting, smelling and soaking in Mercurial plants, we can attune our own physical and metaphysical incarnation to the energetic body of Hermes. The virtues of the planet Mercury -- curiosity, generating novel ideas, the ability to absorb new information, inventiveness, and quick wit -- have been ritually imbued into every Hermes in Virgo product.


    These Hermes in Virgo Bath Soak and Incense blends were formulated with some of my favorite Mercurial plants and blessed in an exalted Mercury in Virgo ritual, making them a magical addition to your self care routine and devotional practice.

    Mercury in Virgo


    I recommend working with Mercury materia for folks who are currently students or whose work in the world requires innovation, clear communication, data collection, teaching or learning. Working with this materia will help with writing, brainstorming, mental acuity and clarity, calm energized focus, increased memory, and eloquence.


    Ancestral healing work can also be enhanced and assisted with this materia. During the consecration ritual, I specifically invoked the spirit of Hermes Chthonios, whose mythic role as psychopomp was to guide the souls of the dead to Hades, and asked him to assist with communion with spirits of the dead.


    These Hermes in Virgo Bath Soak and Incense blends were blessed in a Hermetic ritual when the planet Mercury was auspiciously positioned in its sign of both domicile and exaltation in their own decan on the Midheaven while trining the Moon in Taurus who was co-present with the greater benefic Jupiter. 


    During the ritual, I asked the Spirit of Mercury to bless these offerings such that they might assist folks with building embodied relationships with quicksilver Hermes. 


    As ritually consecrated magical materia, they are also appropriate for offerings and  assistance with petitions to the god Hermes in your own devotional practice.


    Enhance your Mercurial workings by timing them for Wednesdays during Mercury's hour. Each order also includes a hand written copy of the Orphic Hymn to Hermes for you to recite if you feel so inclined :)

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