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  • Immerse your senses and attune your spirit body to the frequencies of the Goddess of Love and Beauty.


    By ingesting, smelling and soaking in Venusian plants, we can regulate our own physical and metaphysical incarnation with the energetic body of the Goddess. The virtues of Venus --  including atunement to sensual pleasure, softness, love, radiant beauty, artistry, balance, peace and harmony -- have been ritually imbued into every Venus in Libra product.


    These Venus and Libra Bath Soak and Incense blends were formulated with some of my favorite Venusian plants and blessed during a Venus ritual, making them a magical addition to your self care routine and devotional practice.

    Venus in Libra


    I recommend working with Venus materia for folks who are having a hard time accessing pleasure in their bodies or in their day to day experience. Great for artists looking to get in touch with the Muses.


    This materia tends to have an Aphrodisiac affect, increasing intimacy between established partners or calling in new love, carnal desire, or infatuation.Be clear and responsible with your intentions and check in with divination tools if you want to use these products to call in love and partnership. Also great for self love <3


    These Venus in Libra Bath Soak and Incense blends were blessed in a ritual dedicated to the goddess when the planet Venus was auspiciously positioned in Libra its sign of domicile on the Ascendant while trining a waxing moon in Aquarius. 


    During the ritual, I asked the Spirit of Venus to bless these offerings such that they might assist folks with building embodied relationships with the Goddess of Love and Beauty. 


    As ritually consecrated magical materia, they are also appropriate for offerings and  assistance with petitions to Venus in your own devotional practice.


    Enhance your Venusian magical workings by timing them for Fridays during Venus's hour. Each order also includes a hand written copy of the Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite for you to recite if you feel so inclined :)

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